Shipping A Barrel

Barrel Packing and Shipping Service

Buy groceries, clothing, and housewares online and use our Barrel Packing and Shipping Service to ship to Jamaica.

The All-Inclusive price for this service is US$399

Service Includes

  • Shipping Barrel
  • Packing of Barrel at our Miami Warehouse
  • 14 Days Free Storage of items at the Miami warehouse
  • All Freight Charges to Jamaica
  • Jamaica Customs Duty (conditions apply)
  • Other Local Charges
  • Free Delivery in Kingston

Cost does not include items purchased to fill barrel

Delivery outside of Kingston available at additional cost

How It Works

Never Shipped a barrel before?

Here is a list of items that are often found in Barrel Shipments. Please note items packed in a barrel cannot exceed a cost of US$3,500.00

The Jamaica Customs Department will periodically update their prohibited and restricted item list. If you are not sure whether the item can be imported, send us an email or call today. Inclusion of these items in your shipment can cause confiscation of the entire shipment by the Jamaica Customs Dept. ShopNShip Caribbean bears no responsibility or liability for cost of goods shipped if a shipment is held by Jamaican Customs if restricted or prohibited items are found in shipment. The Customer remains responsible for ShopNShip Caribbean charges for any shipment held by the Jamaica Customs Department

Shopping Tips

  • The total cost of items in a barrel cannot exceed US3,500.00
  • For clothing, do not pack multiple types and sizing of clothing. For one family, the expectation is men’s clothes in one size, women’s clothes in one size, children’s clothing in 2-3 sizes
  • For shoes, follow same rules as for clothing
  • No more than 1 warehouse club store value pack of each food item
  • For housewares, no more than 3 of each item
  • For places to buy your items, check our recommended barrel shopping websites