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Click the button above or anywhere on our site that says ‘Join our Family’. After you provide us with your details, be on the look out for an email from us!

activate your account

You will receive an email from us with an “Activate My Account” link. Click this link to activate your account. Once activated, you will receive your welcome email. Follow the instructions in the email to get started!

go on a shopping spree!

When you are checking out at your online store, use our warehouse address as your address, NOT YOUR OWN ADDRESS. Use the US address for stores in the US and the UK address for those in the UK. You easily can upload your invoices to us from your account page.

delivery time!

We will notify you of your package arrival at our warehouse. We will bring your items to Kingston and arrange for them to be cleared on your behalf. You will be notified once your items have been customs cleared. At this point you can wait for us to express deliver to your doorstep*, or you can come to our store front to pick up.

*Conditions Apply

  • CAF
    Customs Administration Fee
  • SCF
    Standard Compliance Fee
  • ENV
    Environmental Levy
  • GCT
    General Consumption tax