Frequently Asked Questions​

Here you will find a few of our most asked questions. If an answer you are looking for is not on this page, don’t hesitate to ask us by clicking the button below!

Which shoppers get the free delivery* in the corporate area?

All of our customers are entitled to free delivery within the Corporate Area. If you are outside the Corporate Area, leave us a message letting us know where you are and we will give you an affordable delivery rate.

*Conditions Apply

Is shipping cheaper by air or sea?

This depends on the weight and measurement of the item. The bigger the items are, it makes it cheaper to ship by sea. Overall, it is more economical to ship by sea.

Fun Fact: Additionally, shipping by sea from our Miami warehouse takes roughly the same amount of time to get the package to your door.

How long does it take to get my package?

Once your package is delivered to our warehouse in Miami, it should take one week to be at your door.

Fun Fact: Our containers are packed in Miami on Thursday, so do your best to get it in to us before then!

These are charges which are levied by the customs agency of Jamaica.

Customs is the body within the Government of Jamaica which is authorized to protect our border as well as to collect duty.

Yes, if you are having difficulties or do not have the necessary documents to order your own items, do not worry. We will be glad to have the items you desire ordered on your behalf. We charge a 5% surcharge on the value of your invoice for this additional service.

This is a special offer by Jamaica Customs (referred to as ‘de minimis’) – no Customs duties are levied on shipments that have a CIF value of US$50.00 and under. I have broken it down for you below so you can understand better. Remember that Jamaica Customs automatically adds insurance of 1.5% for insurance on all shipments via sea and 1% on all shipments via air. Insurance is calculated on the product price +shipping. Product price includes all charges incurred on the US end – i.e. taxes or inland shipping.

Yes, you will need to have an account with us in order for us to be able to bring your packages into Jamaica.

No, we currently do not. Reach us by phone at any of the following numbers: 1 (876) 656-8629 1 (876) 656-8865 1 (876) 656-8867 1 (876) 656-8861
No need to worry, you can send us via an email in as much detail what you would like to purchase and we will take care of it for you! Remember, we charge a 5% surcharge on the value of the invoice for this service.
We deliver during our operating hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm, however, we sometimes go a little later to ensure we get all of the day’s deliveries to our customers.If you have special needs for your items to be delivered, give us a call or leave us a message so we can arrange something for you.

If you want to use our ‘Ship-a-Barrel’ service, the enitre package is USD $399. This covers all costs of getting the barrel to your door. Included in this price is 3o days of holding your barrel in our warehouse for free, packing, arranging, clearing and delivering your items.

**REMEMBER that only house-hold and and personal effects will not incur a duty charge. If you are not sure what is or isn’t duty free, take a look at the Jamaica customs website. If this doesn’t help, drop us an email.

This has to do with who you ordered your items with. Check with the company you bought your items regarding a tracking number to get the best estimate.

P.S. – remember to try and get your items to us before Wednesday to ensure it gets loaded onto our container on Friday.

Yes, you can share your customer number with immidate family living in your household, just make sure that they use your credentials (the ones that were used to create the account).

Once your item is in our hand in Jamaica, our physical location is at 80 – 82 Second Street, Port Bustamante, Kingston 13.

Remember that you can ask us to deliver the items to your house.

You can pay directly to the delivery driver in cash or you can make special arrangements with us prior to delivery, just get in touch with us.

We hope to have our app ready for use sooner than later! Look out for when we have our launch!

Yes, we do! Get in touch with us directly and will we help you with this.

You will have access to your tracking information (which you should email us to avoid delays) to know when it arrives at out Miami warehouse. We will notify you via email as well as any other method that you ask us to notify you when it is ready for delivery or pick up in Jamaica.

  • CAF
    Customs Administration Fee
  • SCF
    Standard Compliance Fee
  • ENV
    Environmental Levy
  • GCT
    General Consumption tax