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about us

JaShipCo Xpress is designed to meet and deliver all your overseas shipping, clearance and delivery needs.

JaShipCo Xpress is a trading subsidiary of Jamaica Fruit & Shipping.  JaShipCo Xpress’ agents are Jamaica Freight & Shipping Co. Ltd., in Jamaica, Miami Freight & Shipping Co. in Miami and JP Ram Shipping in the United Kingdom.  Jamaica Fruit & Shipping recently celebrated 100 years in the global trade and shipping business. JaShipCo Xpress is designed to meet and deliver all of our customers overseas shipping, clearance and delivery needs.

Our Locations worldwide

80-82 Second Street Port Bustamante, Kingston 13, Jamaica

Unit 14 Lamson Road Rainham,
Essex RM13 9YY

10125 NW 116 Way, Suite 6 Medley,
Florida, 33178

Shopping request

You don’t need to have a credit card to shop online. Simply make a request to purchase and we will handle the purchase and shipping for you.

Please see our rates to view fees related to our Shop for You service.

shipping rates


airplane2.png Weight (lbs) Cost
1st Pound $6.00
Each additional pound up to 25 pounds $3.00
Each additional pound over 25 pounds $2.00


ship2.png Weight (Kgs) Cost
1st Kilogram $4.00
Each additional kg up to 25 kg $2.50
Each additional kg over 25 kg $1.50

Administration Fee: $6.50  |  Consolidation of Items: $10.00

  • CAF
    Customs Administration Fee
  • SCF
    Standard Compliance Fee
  • ENV
    Environmental Levy
  • GCT
    General Consumption tax